Zoocura Triple Torch


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  • 2.8g gas capacity can be used for 600 times.
  • This ZOOCURA windproof torch lighter with 3 burners can spray powerful turbo jet flame (up to 2.9 inch), and equipped a large flame adjustment knob at the bottom. It is very easy to adjust the flame size with one hand.
  • You do not need screwdrivers to regulate the flame anymore.
  • VISIBLE FUEL TANK & CHARCOAL FROSTED TEXTURE - Our butane lighter has a fully transparent fuel tank for refill indication. You can check the gas balance and fill it at any time. Don't worry about gas exhaustion.
  • Charcoal Frosted texture ensure it is comfortable to hold in hand.
  • ZOOCURA butane lighter comes with 1-Year Warranty

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